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Desk of the Principal

Transformational education, social responsibility for peace and harmony, and comprehension of the ontological references to life are some of the tenets that compose human character. Education serves as a means and not the end in this process of becoming human. Textual learning is one of the fingers of the fist that complements the major categories like fidelity, hope, nobility and reputability.

Truth can be real far from accumulated knowledge, historical wisdom and worldly customs. It starts with absolute faith in God, ability to differentiate right from the wrong, functions with an understanding of human destiny and obtaining a definite sense of purpose in life. The aim of Rev Jacob Memorial Christian College is to impart such higher values and also seek to obtain other corporate peripherals such as academics, affluence and social status.

The year 2022 will mark silver Jubilee for RJMCC. As we approach this occasion, we would be more organized in every way to meet the standards of Christian education, financial autonomy and institutional standing.

We at Rev Jacob Memorial Christian College invite every freshman for a fruitful 2017-2018.

Dr. V.Immanuel M.A. M.Phil., Ph.D., Principal