This course was started in the academic year 1998-1999 with Computer and Physics as ancillary. The faculty train students to be competent in mathematical skills. The latest text books are added whenever necessary to enable students to update their knowledge fund. Faculty are specialized in Topology, Graph theory, Spectral theory & Statistics

Salient Features :

  • Compute courses
  • Participation by students in seminars & workshops
  • Conducting intercollegiate programmes
  • Placement in schools, call centers and computer centers
  • Special papers

  • 1.Sequences & series
  • 2.Real analysis
  • 3.Statistics
  • 4.Mechanics
  • 5.Operations Research
  • 6.Linear algebra & Graph theory
  • 7.Numerical analysis
  • 8.Programming in C
  • 9.Programming in C++
  • 10.MS Office & FoxPro