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As part of the scientific knowledge development in students, we have been hosting science club. Science Club strives to enrich scientific knowledge and curiosity through an adventurous and challenging curriculum that develops students of character, responsibility, and consciousness ready for challenges in this scientific era. Science club focused on science-oriented activities. The goal is for students to learn, develop professionally, and enjoy social interaction with fellow students in an extracurricular environment. Club members will participate in scientific exhibition: EPISTEME, campus projects and other science-related activities.

Episteme-2017: a science exhibition organized by the science club and Department of Biochemistry was held in our college on 6th October 2017. The students have exhibited various scientific models with concepts highlighting the current scenario. Hydroponics, working model of lungs and heart, Importance of herbal plants, rain water harvesting, glue from petrol and thermocol and dengue awareness presentations were the cynosure of Episteme-2017. The students from the various departments enthusiastically visited, observed and gained awareness on various scientific ideas. There was a special stall installed for blood group typing in Episteme-2017 and the blood grouping were done to students and staff members with nominal cost. The Principal, heads of the various departments and the staff members gave positive feedbacks on our exhibition.

On 12.7.2017 Science club of RJMCC have organized Rangoli competition in the Auditorium at 2:30 pm on the eve of founder’s day with the theme “Global Warming”. Students from various departments were enthusiastically participated and exhibited the impact of global warming on the world and living beings. About eight teams were participated and exhibited colorful rangolis. S. Lakshmanan and Catherine sarah Thomas won III BA English the first prize, R. Yogadharshini and M.Pavithra of I B.Com CA won the Second prize, and A.Sangeetha and G.Saratha of II BCA won the third prize.

Journal Club

Department of Biochemistry

Department of biochemistry is hosting journal club every fortnight. The purpose of this journal club is to discuss high impact, insightful articles from all areas of Science. The format is an interactive, open forum with a primary presenter and the full participation of the audience. This journal club will provide a learning environment for the critical analysis of journal articles, presentation skills, and experimental design in the life sciences.