College Enterance Block

8 students along with programme officer Mr. S. Karuppusamy, Convenor participated “One Day Disaster Management and first Aid Training” on 21.9.12 at J.K. B.Ed College, Dindigul.

10 student from our College participated various Literary competitions organized by APA College, Palani on 27.9.2012 and Sivaselvi of I BBA won III price in Essay writing in English, T, sivasuguna of I BA won II price in Essay writing in Tamil and A.Balaji of III B.Com won I prize in Drawing competitions.

4 students along with Programme Officer Mr. S. Karuppusamy participated “One Day Study Camp” on 5.10. 2012 at APA College for women, Palani

25 students participated “One Day first Aid Training course” on 12.2.2013 organised by APA college for women, Palani