Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives…..

We plan various initiatives to inculcate green consciousness in students and plan actions to boost environmental sustainability. We work with the motto “Save the nature to save the future, make safer environment for better tomorrow.”

The main objectives of the unit is to create environmental awareness, value environmental conservation,  understand the environmental, health and social   effects of global warming and inculcate environmental discipline amongst students and community.

These initiatives will sensitize students and help them to take informed steps in their individual capacity, alter their lifestyle to respect nature and not take it for granted.

Name of the Committee Members:

  1. Dr. Nirmala Jeyraj (Adviser)
  2. Dr. Jessen George (Convener)
  3. Dr. Vijayaraja (Co-Convener)
  4. Mrs. Jayabharathi (Coordinator)
  5. Mrs. Sudha
  6. Dr. S. Kathiravan
  7. Ms. Meghala