Scholarships and Awards

I. Government Scholarships

  1. SC/ST Scholarship
  2. Minority Scholarship
  3. Ulavar Scholarship

II. College Scholarships

#Name of the Scholarship & Endowments
1Dr. Prasad Cherian Memorial Scholarship
2Dr. Dinakaran Michael-Endowed Scholarship
3Dr. Angelina.T – Endowed Scholarship
4Dr. Nirmala Jeyaraj and Dr. J. B. Jeyaraj-Endowed Scholarship
5Mr. Jose Kurian-Endowed Scholarship
6Dr. Prema Michael-Endowed Scholarship
7Thiru. Gnanadass-Endowed Scholarship
8Biochemistry Department -Endowed Scholarship
9Tephilla and Brian Powell Endowment Fund-Endowed Scholarship
10Angie and Paul Jeyaraj Endowment Fund-Endowed Scholarship

III. Scholarships instituted by individuals and agencies