Science Club

The Science Club strives to inculcate scientific temper in students by conducting programs that develop curiosity and adventure. Science club focuses on methodical, yet enjoyable social interaction with fellow students on recent scientific issues. EPISTEME – is an annual event that exhibits campus projects to all students.

The recent EPISTEM covered various scientific models with concepts highlighting the current scenario. Hydroponics, working model of lungs and heart, importance of herbal plants, rain water harvesting, glue from petrol and thermocol and dengue awareness presentations were the cynosure.

The Journal Club shares a similar concept with differing presentation modules. The purpose of the Journal Club is to discuss high impact, insightful articles from all areas of Science. It is an interactive, open forum with a primary presenter and the full participation of the audience.

The club is being convened and guided by Dr. D. Vijayraja, a Life-science expert and Head (i/c), Department of Biochemistry, RJMCC.