Department of Tamil

About the Department

The department of Tamil was established in the year 2005 with 18 students and three staff members.

Departmental objectives

To provide life oriented, value based education through learning of Tamil language and Literature and mould the youth as productive self reliant and responsible citizens.

Departmental highlights

  • Muthamil Mandram-Literary club functioning from 1999 actively engages students in creative writing activities.
  • An annual literary journal by name “MULLAI” is being published providing a platform for creative writing.
  • The department ‘has a unique bi-annual event named ‘Tamil Literary Exhibition” which is a tailor-made program to non-Tamil major students.
  • Dr. T. Santhi, Head of the department has been associated with CEHD society for the past 30 years and guides doctoral candidates holding memberships with several leading national and international research bodies.

Department of English

About the Department

The department of English has been imparting English language skills through teaching of English language and literature since the starting of the B.A English in 2012. The department was upgraded to post-graduate level in 2015.

Departmental Objectives

  • To train and develop the rural students in English Language Skills in reading, writing and speaking.
  • To develop their creative and critical thinking through learning English literature.
  • To equip them with values, skills and attitudes which help them to succeed in job market and life in general.

Departmental Highlights

  • A literary club named ‘Epiphany’ to motivate and develop language skills.
  • Outstanding lectures by experts from various institutes of repute.
  • Provides opportunities to explore the world of literary studies through English literature.
  • Catering to rural students with proactive teaching and language training to acquire communication skills using our specially programmed language lab.
  • The department caters to the linguistic need of the entire college by teaching foundation courses in English.
  • Club events; Out-door participations, Innovative Internal assessments and many more.